Dear  Children/Teachers/Parents,

With set poems included on the LAMDA syllabus and chosen for International Festivals, my work is regularly performed all over the world.

Children! Good luck from me if you are learning to recite my poems for an exam/performance. 

Below are just a few of my poems published in various anthologies. A fun list of publications is on 'Published Work.' Thank you!

A Star Called Christa


There is an asteroid named Christa

And a crater on the moon

In memory of a teacher

Who lost her life too soon.


Christa was so excited

To have won the coveted place

The first U.S. civilian

To venture into space


Millions of children watched in schools

Millions of children cried

As seventy-three seconds after launch

The dream that was hers had died


There must be a star called Christa

A star that will never die

Beaming a ray of love and hope

To dreamers like you and I.


(In Memory of Christa McAuliffe who died on the Challenger Space Shuttle Mission on January 28th 1986. Chosen by James Carter and Brian Moses for 'Space Out' published by Bloomsbury)

Mr Snowman                                                            

Monday built our Snowman                                

Sitting proud and fat

Tuesday gave him a football scarf

And the warmest woolly hat

Wednesday gave him his button eyes

Thursday a carrot nose

Friday gave him sticks for arms

And Saturday more clothes

But Sunday gave bad weather

The sky began to cry

Sunday took our Snowman

We never said goodbye.

(Chosen by Brian Moses for 'Poems about The Seasons'

Published by Wayland)

How NOT to Impersonate your Mum on the Telephone


The worst day of the week

Mum refused to write a note


I practised in the mirror

The facial expression

That high pitched screeching whine

'My Benjamin is so ill today!'

'My Benjamin has such a fever!"

I looked like Mum

I sounded like Mum

I was Mum!


Picked up the telephone...

Dialled the number...

Deep breath and...


This is my Mum speaking!"


(Chosen by Joshua Seigal and published in 'I Bet I Can Make You Laugh' by Bloomsbury)

 Forest Secrets


A jewelled encrusted treasure chest

A thousand years old and a day

Rests beneath an Oak tree

Where chattering children play


The silver horn of a unicorn

Its mane of snowy white

Lies aside a wooded glade

Where badgers play at night


Fairy wings of gossamer

Flash through trees of green

Dancing in the moonlight

Heard but rarely seen


The wonders of the forest

Are buried safe and deep

Nobody knows their secrets

They are yours and mine

To keep.


(Chosen by Paul Cookson for 'Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble' Magic poems published by Bloomsbury)


White ones

Pink ones

Rough and smooth and shiny ones,

Big ones

Small ones

Long and thin and tiny ones

Dust off the sand!

Wash them in the sea!

A bucket full of memories

Coming home with me.

(Published in 'Poems about the Seaside'

Chosen by Brian Moses. Wayland.)


When Daniel asks me

To his house to play

I sometimes feel homesick

I don't want to stay

My tummy hurts

And my head starts to ache

I don't like the feeling

That homesickness makes

But after a while

It just disappears

With my tummy and headache

And all of my tears

It never says goodbye

Just slips quietly away

Whilst Daniel and me

Carry on with our play.

(Chosen by Brian Moses, published by Wayland for 'Poems about Families.'

Also chosen as a set poem for the LAMDA syllabus Spring 2019)

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