This list is not exhaustive! Any special requests from teachers are welcome. All workshops from Years 2-6 include myself modelling poems from my own books and those of other poets. Workshops are fun and interactive!

Year 2


Year 1: Start off on the carpet then we’ll perform a poem together! 

This will be a short workshop of 30 minutes.                

Year 2

 Year 3   

 We’ll write a funny poem about dinosaurs, a made-up animal, school,  anything!

 Then we’ll get together to act it out! Or perhaps we’ll use inspiring poetry worksheets to write your own.

Write a class poem about a current class topic. Using one of my poems, create one of your own based on that style. Or we could explore kennings, a rhyming poem, a blank verse poem and many more. We’ll talk about the ‘poetry toolbox’ and how metaphors, similes, adjectives all create imagery.

Year 4-6

 Pupils could write poems based on a class topic, WW1, Ancient Greece, Titanic. Assembly coming up and need a poem to perform? We’ll write one in class!


Pupils can explore different styles of poetry and read them aloud, pupils can compose their own poems and give a performance at the end of the day. We will learn to build their own poetry toolbox.