Residential Homes- Poetry enrichment

Poetry has so much to offer the elderly living in residential care. Memories are something we all have and those memories can live forever in poetry. The list below is not exhaustive. I offer a tailor made service, so please email me if you have an idea in mind. Anything is possible around poetry!


Poetry Writing: Having worked extensively with the elderly and people with dementia, my approach is  gentle and nurturing. I tune in. Because tuning in is a vital part of the process. Encouragement to relax and let the memories or thoughts flow is how it goes. Words may struggle to emerge, but in the right environment, with patience and encouragement, they can often be brought forth. If a person has lost the ability to write or hold a pen, I write their words for them, exactly as they are spoken. Many people would like to compose a poem but don't feel they can or have the ability. Poetry writing is just 'thoughts on paper,' it really is as simple as that. Anyone can write a poem, anyone. On request special themed poetry days can be arranged where the residents will write poems and be immersed in whatever theme has been requested. After the poetry has been written there is there is an opportunity for the residents to recite their poetry in a showcase, which is shown below.  


Poetry Anthologies: Home made books are a lovely keepsake and very special to pass on to loved ones including grandchildren and great grandchildren, for them to enjoy in years to come. Personal anthologies or a joint Home anthology. One of the beauties of poetry is that the words you write really do become immortalised. It creates a memory for loved ones to treasure forever. 

Poetry Showcases: Special poetry evenings can be arranged to celebrate the work of the residents, where they can read/recite their own work in a showcase for all family and friends; alternatively I am on hand to recite the poetry for the residents who would prefer me to do so on their behalf. These showcases can be themed, such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc.  

Poetry Reading: Residents listen to a variety of poetry, including their own favourites for an afternoon of words and fun. Many people find they recall poems from way back when, as far as school days during these sessions! So many stories can be recalled at times like these, promoting discussion and a true feeling of well being.

Private Poetry Performances: I am available for an hour or more of lively, fun poetry reading! As a qualified and experienced poetry performance teacher, I love to bring poetry to life!

I would love to visit your Home to inspire your residents/patients. Please email me or use the 'Contact' form to enquire about availability regarding anything you see. Fees: Fee: £45 per hour. Mileage will be calculated at local Council rates.