Young People and Adults

Never before has communication been more crucial than in our ever changing, fast paced world of technology. We text, we email, we talk on our phones not face to face and could, if we chose, spend the day not speaking to a soul if we didn't want to. But most of us would hate that, anyone of us can be an effective communicator, we just need the tools to show us how.


I teach young people and adults to speak in confidently in public. You may not feel confident (few of us do!) However, what if you had a toolbox full of implements you were able to just call upon whenever the occasion arose? So that you appeared confident, and became more confident in the process? Because life's like that, isn't it? Be it an important presentation for your University course, a job interview,  or a few words you feel desperate to say at a wedding or a funeral of a much loved one. These occasions aren't always planned.


My experience both teaching at a school for International students and my private teaching with less confident young people and adults has taught me that anyone can appear and sound engaging, passionate about their subject and someone to remember.

If you are from abroad and studying in English, my presentation workshops will not only improve your oral but your written English too.

And guess what? Soon, people will begin to notice you have 'an air' about you, you engage more in conversation, you're not afraid to give your opinion. 

Suddenly, that change of job, that Course you didn't think you'd be capable of,  is within your reach. It's easier than you think!

Bring a friend along if you wish. Contact me for more details.