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The Moon's Gorgonzola 

Book Trust

"This vibrant poetry collection is aimed specifically at children of 5 and above, with themes that they will love to recognise. There are poems about dogs and cats, poems about school, poems about family and festivals and food… There are funny poems, silly poems, thoughtful poems and surprising poems. Some rhyme, some don’t. Many will make you laugh, some will make you feel. All are appropriate for young children, in style and content, and the black and white illustrations are sweet and friendly. The poet Debra Bertulis has also included some suggestions for how you might write your own similar poem, or how you might perform a certain poem (for instance, replace the headteacher’s name with that of your own headteacher).  This collection would be useful and fun to use in the classroom, for reading aloud and as a springboard for poem-writing."

Book Wagon 

"The first section within The Moon’s Gorgonzola features poetry about school. Readers are familiar with Sports Day, urgent Headteachers, feeling scared at change. Thereafter, we hear the ‘snort of a badger‘ and ‘the hoof an owl’ that suggests our ‘garden is a symphony’. Then again, what about Sitting at the Harbour smelling ‘Fish from my fishing net/ was and cockleshells’? Or might we imagine the little dreams of ‘Little Mouse, Little Hamster’ or ‘Little Bunny’? Might there be ‘chocolate and cheese’? Bookwagon loves the accessibility, the subtle approach of repetition, rhyme, assonance and sequence, for example, and the breadth of view within The Moon’s Gorgonzola. In fact, this small but quite magnificent collection of poems from Debra Bertulis, beautifully illustrated by Zoe Williams, is recommended to every classroom. It includes poems that need to be heard, recited, known and loved. Then again, the poet offers opportunities to build upon her work, for example extending the rhymes within Eye Test. The Moon’s Gorgonzola is a wonderful creation and splendid addition to every poetry shelf."

Through the Bookshelf 

"The Moon’s Gorgonzola is a wonderful collection of poems, perfect for exciting younger children about the power of poetry. Divided into different themes, the poems cover a wide range of subjects, reflecting a range of moods. Although the poems can be enjoyed independently, many are perfect for sharing, reading aloud and performing, making this an invaluable collection for teachers to add to their poetry shelves. There is plenty of word play to enjoy and explore, rhyming patterns and echoes which call out to be whispered, shouted, spoken and sung and plenty of onomatopoeia bouncing and zipping along. There are funny poems, sad poems, reflective poems and silly poems, reflecting everyday life experiences and the emotions which come with them. There are poems which could be used as models to inspire children to create their own work- ‘Listen’, for example. Some have a note from poet, Debra Bertulis, alongside them, offering suggestions for how to create a poem. There are additional notes at the end of the book which are also helpful to budding poets and their supporters! The book is enhanced by Zoe Williams’ lively illustrations."

Listed in Book Trust's 'New children's books we love in July 2023'.

'When I first discovered Debra's poetry, it was her poems for younger children that greatly impressed me, with their sensitivity and their insight into the interests and concerns of children.

The Moon's Gorgonzola is packed with poems that explore a child's world. Fun poems that reach out and grab you and poems that are quieter, more reflective. The Moon's Gorgonzola is a book you will return to time and again. This is a confident collection, perfect for bringing children and parents together in the shared enjoyment of rhythm and rhyme.'

Brian Moses-Poet

'The poems in The Moon's Gorgonzola are packed with joy. It's an ideal collection for younger children. Choose one for 'Poem of the Week,' class performance and reading for pleasure.'

Pie Corbett-Poet and Educational Consultant

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