Group Bookings for ClusterDays

A cluster school poetry writing event with local schools creates a buzz and will save you money! Space will be needed for this, usually the school hall.

 I have held cluster school events for up to nine schools with up to ten pupils in each group.

These can be tailored to both 'Able' or 'Reluctant writers' 'Disadvantaged pupils,' or simply pupils who need that extra spark to ignite their imagination.

Equipment: I will need access to a flip chart, pens and paper.

Please contact me to arrange a fun, interactive, tailor made cluster poetry event for your school!

Teacher Feedback:

"Thank you, it's been lovely. Even the less confident children wrote their own poem!"

"It was fantastic to film our pupils reading their own poetry!"

"Such a buzz. It's been such an inspiring morning. Can you add us to the next Cluster Day please?"

"Thank you. It's not only helped the pupils, but me too. I'm more confident about poetry too, so thank you!"

"Thank you. I feel more confident about teaching poetry now!"

"It's been a really stimulating morning, thank you so much. The hand outs look really helpful and will make sure we keep on track when we try this ourselves!"

"Gosh! M has never liked writing. They won't believe it when we show his teacher what he's managed to do! Can you add us to the next Cluster event please?"