"For six years now, Debra Bertulis has inspired and challenged pupils at Bengeworth CE Academy to become poets, improve their articulation and expression as well as expose their imagination to the almost limitless art of poetry performance. Her relentless focus on aspirational outcomes and the delight of children and their parents at realising their potential in both creative and performance environments is testament to her ability as a teacher and tenacity as an advocate of academic excellence for all children at all Key Stages."

David Coaché - Executive Headteacher, Bengeworth Multi-Academy Trust, Worcestershire.

Poetry workshop 2019​

Six excited Key Stage Two children attended a poetry writing workshop at Bengeworth Academy on Monday 20th May.  The morning is designed to inspire young people to set their imaginations to work, and was delivered by a published children's poet - Debra Bertulis!  Everyone had a very successful session, listening to and interpreting the famous 'In the Hall of the Mountain King', then drafting poems before performing them in front of an audience of children and adults from various local schools! Well done Sophie, Eli, Lois, Ethan, Tom and Daisie!  (Harvington CE First School, Worcestershire)

.Pitch Perfect Poetry

On Monday morning, some children from Year 5 attended a Cluster S chools poetry workshop at Bengeworth CE School, facilitated by published children's poet and specialist poetry teacher Debra Bertulis. They had a great time learning all about alliteration,  hyperbole, imagery, onomatopoeias, rhyme, stanzas and many more poetic terms. After listening to music, they were able to write their own poems. Some pupils volunteered to read theirs, with performance tips from Debra, which included useful tips on how to read aloud.  (St Andrews CE School, Evesham, Worcestershire)

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