Schools: Zoom, Teams, Skype, etc etc.

Due to Covid, an increasing number of Schools in the UK and worldwide are turning to online virtual poetry workshops. They are also a cost effective way of ensuring your pupils don't miss out on a very exciting opportunity to create their own fabulous piece of work.  

As you may have read, I am a widely published children's poet, with poetry in anthologies published by Bloomsbury Education, Wayland Hodder, Otter-Barry Books, Macmillan and A@C Black. I have my own collection of poetry for children aged 7-11 out with highly respected 'Otter-Barry Books' in 2022.

As a Speech and Drama teacher, I am very familiar with EAL and during my time as a teacher at an International College, I have worked with pupils from Russia, Sri Lanka, China, Mexico and France.

Virtual Workshop Information:

School/Class workshops can be from one hour to however many hours you wish.

One hour may see a poetry reading from me of my own work or perhaps a reading of poems linked to a current Class topic you are covering.

Typically, if pupils are being enabled to compose their own poem, a minimum of 2 hours is needed.

As a qualified Speech and Drama teacher, I also offer basic tuition in poetry reading and performance. If pupils volunteer to read their work, which is a great keepsake for your School to keep on film, this will require a min of 3 hours.

Fees are the same as my current Author Agency ('Authors Abroad') fees for online visits: £75 per hour.

There are too many variations of workshops to list here. And you may want something completely different, or a writing workshop linked to a current topic your Class is studying. My middle name is 'flexible' so please do get in touch with your ideas! Anything is possible around poetry! Please contact me via email: or use the Contact form. Looking forward to hearing from you!